Chrisland School Rape Video 10 Year Old
Chrisland School Rape Video 10 Year Old

Chrisland School Rape Video 10 Year Old

182 views – The 10-year-old girl from Lagos’ Chrisland School Opebi was reportedly raped by a gang. You can see below.

The perpetrators allegedly recorded crime and posted videos to the Instagram social media platform. Famous music executives, Ubi Franklin, revealed the identity of the victim as a 10-year-old women’s daughter.

According to Franklin’s sweet potato, the girl was chosen to represent 10 year old chrisland girl video school in a competition in Dubai at the time of this incident.

He claimed that the parents who were beaten by the victim knew the incident a month after that happened from other parents at school.

Chrisland School Rape Video

“Just closed with my friend. His 10 years old girl chrisland school-old daughter was chosen to represent her school in a world school match in Dubai.

His daughter was R ** Ped by fellow students, videos were tapped, and posted on chrisland school video instagram, and the school hid it for a month.

He found it himself when another old man called his wife and showed his wife his 10-year-old daughter was circulated on Instagram.

I have spent the last 1 hour listening to a statement of confession by several teachers and I beg this to be a dream. In refined follow-up, Ubi Franklin said the school authorities had suspended rape victims.

He said the chrisland school rape video pretended to take the girl to test Covid-19 but instead did a pregnancy test to the victim.

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“Update my previous post. This school brought the girl from her parents that they wanted to test Covid and the school rather took the girl for a pregnancy test.

When we talked the girl had been suspended from school. Some things don’t make any sense at all”

In a follow-up tweet on Monday morning, Franklin’s sweet potato wondered why Chrisland School acted like that.

“2:20 a.m. Just leave the residence of my friends, you will cry if you see my friend and his wife how can the Chrisland school do this? It took a month to tell his parents? Send him a suspension letter after his family began to go berserk. This Cruel and disgusting.

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