Novel Long After The Ending Manhwa Webtoonv

370 views – Novel Long After The Ending Manhwa Webtoonv, Beginning after the end described Arthur Leywin as an individual who tried to live a life that was more fulfilled than before. However, Arthur faced difficulties and momentary obstacles that prevented him from achieving his goals.

At present, webcomic has more than one hundred chapters, indicating the depth of the story plot. Here is a list of key details that fans need to know about the beginning after the end.

The main author of the fantasy web novel, The Beginning After the End, is Brandon Lee, with the name of the Literature Pena, Turtleme. As a result, the official name of the author of this series is Turtleme. Raised in Korea and is currently based in Washington DC, Turtleme is a famous writer as the result of the fantasy comic series.

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Novel Long After The Ending Manhwa Webtoonv
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Beginning after the end was the first turtleme work published, but because of its widespread success and popularity, it was illustrated as a webcomic and was officially released on July 6, 2018. At present, webcomic can be accessed in Tapas and Amazon Kindle.

It is not unusual to find comics, manga, and manhwa based on novels. However, the beginning after the final web novel was as popular as comics. Tapas published the first volume of the web novel on January 18, 2017. At present, web novels have nine volumes published: early years, new heights, fate that gives a signal, horizon edge, convergence, transcendence, difference, increase, and calculation.

The web novel has around 325 official chapters; However, the web novel has a volume that is currently taking place in Tapas. In addition, webcomic features around 120 chapters with detailed character designs and well withdrawn, unlike web novels.

Reincarnation is a concept that is quite popular in several anime, manga, manhwa, and webcomics. However, the beginning after the end uniquely applies the concept of reincarnation. Plot Tbate is centered on Raja Gray, a powerful leader who reincarnated to the continent of Dicathen as Arthur Leywin.

However, Arthur did not reincarnate into a new world naked, without any skills; Previous experience as a warrior helped him hone his skills as a witch faster than usual. At the age of three years, Arthur woke up as a witch – a very rare event in Dicathen.

Arthur Leywin, a series protagonist, was born from Reynolds and Alice Leywin. As highlighted before, Arthur is a very talented magician that is built at the age of three years. However, the initial resurrection was a small part of Arthur’s talent.

Arthur is also a quadra-element witch with deviations in two forms.

Novel Long After The Ending Manhwa Webtoonv

Di Dicathen witch can control various forms of magic; However, Arthur can control all basic forms and even higher forms of water and fire and lightning. At a young age, Arthur met with a magnificent dragon, Sylvia, who moved his wild animals – his strength, to him. syair hk 8 mei 2022 This strength encouragement allows him to expand his magical abilities and get new friends, Sylvie – Draconic Arthur’s bond.

Similar to most fantasy stories, the beginning after the end of operation using which the foundation is essentially. “Which” in tbate is used by a witch with a core developed. The lighter the mage core, the higher their ability to manipulate which with proficient. The sequence of mage core growth is black, red, orange, yellow, silver and white.

The white core stage is the highest domain that can be achieved by magicians; However, from Sylvia’s last words to Arthur, the reader can conclude that there is a higher magical stage. Also, the witch on webcomic is classified into conjurizers, enhancers, and emissions; Each of them with their own unique attributes.

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